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Having a Yod in your chart means you have been chosen for some special purpose. This presents a heavenly puzzle, for you may not know what your special purpose is, and have to trust in fate that you will fulfill it, even if you never figure out what it is. This is an angle of degrees, one sign short of an opposition, and one sign past a trine.

The quincunx is a quirky, awkward aspect and uses up a lot of energy. All that energy has nowhere to go, if there are no meaningful aspects to any other celestial points. As mentioned above, when one planet is quincunx two other planets that are sextile each other, an elongated triangle called a Yod is formed. With a double quincunx, you can see why fate and a special purpose are involved in the analysis of the Yod. In keeping with the quirkiness of the quincunx, in some cases the subject may not ever figure out what this purpose is, and may fulfill it unbeknownst to her or himself!

This is part of the experience of having a special purpose. The Activation Point can be an impediment or an enhancement, depending on the overall configuration.

Understanding Yod Aspects In Your Astrology Chart

If Neptune is on the Activation Point, there will be deep awareness of, and desire for, fulfillment of some idealistic goal such as the desire to do something for all mankind. It is the highest honor to assist the Yod bearer in his or her life journey and voyage of self-discovery. The Yod is a tricky, but very rewarding formation to study because it offers so much potential insight for self-discovery and learning.

I have found it helpful to isolate and enlarge it in a wheel all by itself to get a close look. After analyzing the basic interaction between the three planets and their signs, it is easier to study the house significance and proceed to analyze the dispositors, the Activation Point, and other planetary influences. Finally, any other aspects to the Yod planets provide additional clues. Sister Ray has a Yod gold mine in her gifted and unusual family.

He was an electronics wizard who did top-secret work for the U. He performed unusual, highly sensitive jobs in his career in the Air Force, and once received a personal commendation from President Truman. Although he had a distinguished career, his work was top secret, so all the family knew was that he worked with radios! His achievements were not limited to his work in the military and electronics fields. In a ground-breaking procedure performed by Dr. Barbara Kinder of Yale-New Haven Hospital, my father received a replacement aorta that looked like a corrugated vacuum cleaner hose.

Finally, he was part of Dr. So, you can see that my father had a fateful life filled with deeds that had far-reaching consequences. This brief biographical sketch gives you an idea of how someone with a double Yod would have the Finger of God pointed at him and would have a fateful life. Mars is the sign of war; Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and electronics. It isn't fun, and lots of things can be extremely deceiving during this period. What is actually happening is, you, growing a lot during this time and integrating lots of lessons without even realizing it. The more you try to fight it and try to achieve some things despite having clear signs from the Universe this is not happening, the harder it is.

The only thing required from you at that moment is to stay still and watch for the clues the Universe sends you. During this crisis things may seem meaningless and unfair, but every Yod holders needed this crisis to realize the great things they eventually achieved. Once the Yod is activated, it will periodically be activated over and over by a conjunction of a slow planet to one of he 3 founding planets of the Yod.

Each transit will reactualize the Yod and put it under a new perspective, under new challenges. Yod common facts. According to the current literacy on the subject and my own experience on it, there are a lot of common points between the lives of Yod holders. Some are conscious of it, some aren't, but in the Yods I have seen, something happened at some point that made the person reroute their life completely and get closer to what the fulcrum planets symbolizes. Second, there is a huge stress, a huge restlessness.

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Often the person turns naturally towards Reiki, alternative healing therapies and spirituality to calm this pain and uneasiness they feel. It's as if they felt like their soul was cut in several parts and they had to glue the parts back together. Although a Yod does signify a focus, there is a possibility to become irrational about it, not being able to let go of some ideas and even become irrationally involved in some religious movements. Yods attract Yods.

Yod Astrology Definition

It's usually a family pattern and you can trace back the fulcrum planet as a dominant in your relatives charts. Overachievement is common.

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James Dean has an incredible configuration of quintiles if you take a look at his chart. A moon in Hayz. The first is that yods are a second-order level of astrology. Because of your father you had to take on board undue responsibility in childhood. The meaning of elements fire, air, earth, and water within your birth chart, including excessive and deficient elements within the natal chart. Yes, countries have horoscopes too. The kids are hungry and the too polite ones want pizza, or really, whatever comes up next.

Later on in life there can be a complete separation between who the person was and who the person becomes. Someone who was in finance their whole life becomes involved in humanitarian careers, someone who was extremely traditional decides to embrace new age spirituality.

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You can of course follow it through the transits to the Yod. The Yods by transit. Posted by: Denise November 24, at AM. Thank you Robert, this is a gap in my knowledge too.

What orbs do you use? Given the sextile planets as exact, would you determine a planet at 4 degrees from the midpoint as a Yod? Lights not involved. Hope you are feeling warmed by the current planets in Fire - a welcome respite! Posted by: Morvah November 24, at AM. Thanks Robert, please post more on the quincunx. My Neptune in Libra 11th is conjunct Mercury and Venus but the orb to the Moon is ' Triseptile ; is it part of the Yod because of the conjunction to Mercury and Venus?

I think yes, but what do others think? Semisextile-Trine-Quincunx pattern - Is the trine the dominant aspect? Posted by: Nett November 24, at AM. Thank you. A question if I may, can one refer to a transiting planet as a midpoint of two planets in a natal chart? Posted by: Tomer November 24, at PM. Posted by: william November 24, at PM. Posted by: caliban November 24, at PM. I was always interested in yods, since I have one So, its saturn that needs to adjust, not my moon-sun sextile, if I got it clear, right?

Well,if it's so, that's good news, since I though that my sun- moon sextile should adjust to saturn!.

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Posted by: airsea November 25, at AM. This is great, thank you Robert. I've been having some trouble really grokking the Yod and you've helped me grasp it further.

I'm looking forward to reading more on this subject as you are able to write about it. Hi Robert, Thanks for posting this article again. I've got Pluto sextile Mercury and Jupiter making a quincunx to both, it's pretty terrible, I've been observing over the years.

Yod by Kelli Fox, the Astrologer

Every time I have a transit to Jupiter I get caught in an emotional turmoil. Mercury in 12th, Pluto in 2nd, Jupiter in 7th. That's when I realise how much the 2nd house, and mine particularly has so very little to do with possessions, I've got the North Node there too. I feel that my 2nd is quite actually much more spiritual than my 9th, even if Pisces nothing less is at the cusp.

Posted by: Alix November 26, at PM. Hi Gauri - No. Speed of the planets has nothing to do with the aspects made per se, except that slower moving transiting planets tend to make the aspect longer in action.

Aspect Patterns

Astrologers who don't know how to separate aspect function from planet function still have much to learn about the craft. Hi Harvey - Yes, you definitely have a Yod. Your Moon and Jupiter have no doubt been squeezed into a more proper function every time a planet has transited mid-Aries, Virgo, and Scorpio. There are too many possible things Saturn on your Asc could represent to address in a comment stream. That's more for personal appointments. But to start, you could go into the archives and find the article I wrote addressing when Saturn transits a planet or the Asc.

Hi Denise - To me, there are no "benefics" or "malefics. A Saturn focus can bring sclerosis and slavery, or maturity and dominion; a Jupiter focus can bring wastefulness and hypocrisy or blessings and abundance. It all depends on how our planets are functioning. Please consult the archives for the article on planetary dualities to learn more. Hi Morvah - 2 degrees on a quincunx. I've also written about "off set" aspects, such as when a planet quincunxes one planet while triseptile the other. A sextile can be as wide as 6 degrees, again creating an "off-set" Yod since a transit quincunx one will be well outside the orb of a quincunx to the other.

The Yod function will remain the same, but there will be a slight time lag between adjustments to one and adjustments to the other. Hi Nett - Triseptiles are not quincunxes, though they either precede or follow them. That specializes the functioning of the configuration. There are also "kite" configurations featuring 2 planets in septile that make double triseptiles to a planet at the inverse midpoint, but those are not considered a Yod per se.